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North Carolina Biohazard Disposal
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North Carolina Waste Management

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HealthCare Services:
- North Carolina
- Sharps Waste Disposal
- Biohazard Waste
- Medical Waste
- Infectious Waste
- Hazardous Waste
- Pharmaceutical Waste
- Needle Waste Disposal

Waste Customers:
- North Carolina
- Funeral Home Disposal
- Tattoo Waste Disposal
- Dentist Waste Disposal
- Doctor Sharps Disposal
- Healthcare Waste Removal

NC Service Areas:
- North Carolina
- South Carolina
- Virginia
- Georgia
- Florida

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Biohazard Regulations North Carolina

About Carolina Biohazard Waste Disposal:

We have been providing Biohazard & Medical waste disposal in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and nearby areas since 2001. Cities like Raleigh, Fayetteville, Lumberton, Winston-Salem, Wilson, Dunn, Rocky Mount & more have enjoyed our competitive pricing and compliant hazardous medical waste solutions . The company started out as a modest small family enterprise performing the removal, transport and disposal of medical waste for nearly a thousand clients back then and now has an average of about 300 hundred thousand pounds of regulated medical waste processed every year.

Through our company's consistent growth, we are able to keep up with the ever changing needs of our customers and regulatory compliance. We continuously expand our regulated Biohazard services and product lines to meet our customers needs. Carolina Waste Disposal currently offers:

  • Disposable sharps containers
  • Medical waste boxes/hampers
  • Large reusable medical waste containers and carts
  • Red Biohazard bags
  • Chemotherapeutic and pharmaceutical waste containers


As a leading Biohazard Sharps waste disposal company in North Carolina and nearby areas, we recognize the need for us to keep up with the demands of the industry.

Why Choose Carolina Biohazard Disposal?

  • Smart Affordable Medical & Biohazard waste collection and disposal solutions
  • Group - multiple site discounts
  • Scheduled confidential document destruction
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, as-needed and quarterly service schedules
  • Medical waste box, red bag, chemotherapeutic - pathological and sharps removal service
  • Assorted sizes of disposable sharps containers and red biohazard bags
  • Experienced and helpful customer service representatives
  • Timely service to avoid disruptions in operation
  • Proper and certified documentation for waste destruction
  • No monthly service fees, record retention charges, documentation charges, or hidden costs

As the leading, full-service medical biohazard waste disposal company in North Carolina its our commitment to the highest standards of collection, transportation, and disposal of regulated medical waste. Our main focus is the safety of our clients and environmental compliance, with sustained long-term solutions. Hence, we exert every effort to ensure the prompt provision of our services.

Count on us for compliant and efficient, red bag medical waste disposal in North Carolina and South Carolina and nearby areas. Call us toll free at 855-233-2229  to learn more about our products and services today!

Carolina Biohazard Disposal
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