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North Carolina Biohazard Disposal
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North Carolina Waste Management

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HealthCare Services:
- North Carolina
- Sharps Waste Disposal
- Biohazard Waste
- Medical Waste
- Infectious Waste
- Hazardous Waste
- Pharmaceutical Waste
- Needle Waste Disposal

Waste Customers:
- North Carolina
- Funeral Home Disposal
- Tattoo Waste Disposal
- Dentist Waste Disposal
- Doctor Sharps Disposal
- Healthcare Waste Removal

NC Service Areas:
- North Carolina
- South Carolina
- Virginia
- Georgia
- Florida

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Biohazard Regulations North Carolina

North Carolina Medical Waste Disposal

Medical Waste Disposal | Biohazard Waste Removal

North Carolina Medical Waste Management is a full service company, providing compliant Biohazard Waste transport and healthcare waste removal solutions in NC for Doctors, Dentists, Tattoo, Funeral Homes & More

Biohazard Waste Removal - Medical Waste Removal - Sharps Disposal - Needle Waste Disposal - Pharmaceutical Waste Management - Hazardous Waste Removal

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Medical Waste Disposal North Carolina

Expert North Carolina Medical Waste Disposal

North Carolina regulated medical waste is any solid waste, generated in the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals, in research pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of biologicals in North Carolina.

North Carolina medical waste includes, but is not limited to the following: human blood and blood products, items saturated with infectious bodily fluid or blood, cultures or stocks, human and animal isolation waste, surgery or autopsy tissue, tubing and IV bags that have come into contact with body fluid or an infectious agent, organs or body parts, teeth, sharps and syringes, soiled dressing, gloves, gowns, sponges, instruments, drapes, animal waste that has been exposed to infectious agents, disposable equipment, in addition to any items that may or have come into contact with potentially infectious agents or fluids.

Our North Carolina medical waste management program gives you the option of an automatic pick-up schedule or PRN-Will Call program.

While we are experts and specialize in the management, collection, transportation and disposal of Biohazard, Sharps and medical waste in North Carolina. We also provide services that include but are not limited to sales of waste handling products, red biohazard bags, red sharps containers, document shredding, document storage, equipment - computer recycling and waste stream management for a variety of customers in the healthcare waste industry.

Carolina Biohazard Disposal has a Five-Star Rating within our industry for medical waste management and disposal, serving North Carolina. This rating is provided by our customers through various networking groups in North Carolina.  We look forward to showing you the difference and why Carolina Biohazard Disposal is the company to use in the North and South Carolina Region. We are the Physician's Choice in North Carolina for Sharps & Biomedical waste management and we will prove it to our customers every day with compliance, price and service!

Carolina Biohazard Disposal
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